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Placement and Registration

Academic Advisement

Prior to each registration period, faculty advisers, academic advisers, and Adult and Continuing Education advisers are available to help students plan their programs.

Although advisers will lend assistance, the responsibility for academic planning rests primarily with the student. A student should become familiar with the requirements for the program in which he or she are registered and initiate conferences with the appropriate adviser. Before registering, however, students must submit their course selections to their advisers for approval.


The University is committed to helping each student achieve academic success. Through careful advisement and review of prior academic record, a student may be required to take placement tests in subjects such as mathematics, writing, and reading.

English Course Placement Students newly admitted to the University may be tested to determine appropriate placement into their first English courses. Newly admitted transfer students will be tested for writing proficiency if they have not been given transfer credit for English.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Placement The English Placement Test determines where an ESL student begins in the sequence of ENG 052, ENG 099A (both noncredit), and ENG 100A (4 elective credits). The test results will also suggest which other courses and how many credit hours the student may attempt. These courses are intended primarily for students who have attended secondary school in countries where English is not the first language.

Mathematics Placement Students may be required to take the Mathematics Placement Exam prior to registering for their first math course at Pace University. This exam tests arithmetic, algebra, and, where applicable, trigonometry proficiency. The placement of a student into a mathematics course is based on the student’s major, previous experience in mathematics, the score obtained from the Mathematics Placement Exam, and/or any mathematics transfer credit. Students who have received transfer credit for Math courses numbered at a level of 103 or higher are not required to take the Mathematics Placement Exam. Students whose placement test scores indicate a deficiency in math proficiency must first take and pass MAT 099 or the MAT 099 Challenge Exam before they can take any other mathematics courses.

Reading Placement Students may be tested for critical reading skills: comprehension, analysis, and retention. These skills are required for successful completion of work in all disciplines. Students are placed in a reading course if, for whatever reason, they have demonstrated a deficiency in reading and comprehension skills that will impede their ability to participate in intensive college-level study.

Language Proficiency Proficiency examinations in languages taught at the University will be given each fall and spring semester. Students selecting language courses should note that CLEP credits (or similar examination credits) are not accepted. Students should select courses according to the guidelines listed under "Notes" in the "University Core Curriculum" section of the catalog.