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Mental Health Counseling, PhD

Doctoral Program Information

Pleasantville Campus

This program is designed to train mental health counselors in advanced clinical and supervisory skills, prepare counselors to conduct research that will further the profession’s knowledge base, and foster the next generation of leaders who will be teachers and advocates for the mental health counseling profession across the country.

Application requirements include:
  • An earned Master’s degree in mental health counseling with a curriculum equivalent to that in Pace University’s 60-credit graduate Master of Science program in Mental Health Counseling.
  • Earned Graduate-level GPA of 3.6 or higher.
  • Met one of the following permit/licensure requirements:
  • Be eligible for New York State limited permit in mental health counseling in New York State.
  • Has obtained a limited permit in New York State.
  • Be licensed in mental health counseling in New York State.
  • Be licensed in mental health counseling in a state other than New York.
  • Submitted letters of recommendation, personal statement, official academic transcripts, and GRE scores taken within the previous five years, with preference given to mean GRE scores at the 600-650 level.

Students who substantially meet the above requirements will be invited to an interview with the departmental admission screening committee.

Program Requirements:
This three-year program requires the completion of 45 credits of coursework, passage at the conclusion of the first year of a written qualifying examination for advancement to candidacy for the PhD, and the successful completion of a doctoral dissertation as described below.

Doctoral Program Curriculum (49 Credits)

Note: On April 21, 2016, the following edits were made: Total credit hours as 49 (not 45) and in Year 2 the inclusion of the Doctoral Dissertation Seminar II course number as MHC 832.


Year 1 - Fall (12 Credits)

MHC 705Statistics and Research Design

4 credits

MHC 731Theories and Methods of Counselor Education

4 credits

MHC 723Applied Social Psychology

4 credits

Total Credit Hours:12

Year 1 - Spring (12 Credits)

MHC 732Theories and Methods of Counselor Supervision

4 credits

MHC 706Statistics and Research Design II

4 credits

MHC 830Research Design: Special Topics Seminar

4 credits

Total Credit Hours:12
End of Spring term: Comprehensive Written Qualifying Examination for Advancement to Candidacy for the PhD

If needed, a student may retake the examination in the summer. A second failure will result in dismissal from the program and an appeal will not be considered.

Year 2 - Fall (11 Credits)

MHC 733Leadership and Advocacy in the Counseling Profession

4 credits

MHC 831Doctoral Dissertation Seminar

4 credits

Elec 000 Elective

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:11

Note: Students are required to take a second Doctoral Dissertation Seminar in Year 2 - Spring term.

Year 2 - Spring (10 Credits)


MCH 832Doctoral Colloquium

4 credits

Elec 000 Elective

3 credits

Elec 000 Elective

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:10

Year 3 - Dissertation Phase (4 credits)

Upon completion of coursework, students then will be eligible to propose and pursue their dissertation projects (4 credits).

Total Credits: 45

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