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Master of Science in Education (M.S. Ed.) Program in School Psychology with a Specialization in Bilingual School Psychology

Graduate Program Information

New York City

This M.S. Ed. program offers qualified bilingual students enrollees in the M.S. Ed. program in School Psychology the opportunity to complete additional course work and practicum experiences required to be eligible for the Bilingual Education Extension (PPS/ADMIN) to the New York State teaching certificate in School Psychology. Students who elect to complete this specialization program receive from faculty in psychology, speech, and language the integrated training in bilingual language development and disorders that enables them to provide school psychological services to children in both monolingual and bilingual settings. The additionally required course work focuses more intensively on the theory and practice of bilingual/multicultural education and methods of providing psychological services in the target language. Students who successfully complete all of the requirements for the M.S. Ed. in School Psychology as well as the additional requirements for the Bilingual Specialization and pass the proficiency examination will be awarded the M.S. Ed. in School Psychology degree with a Bilingual Specialization from Pace University and be recommended to New York State for the Bilingual Education Extension (PPS/ADMIN) to the New York State teaching certificate in School Psychology.

Full-time students must complete program requirements within five years and part-time students within seven years. Additional information about the program appears in the New York City Psychology Department’s Graduate Catalog.

Requirements for the Specialization Program in Bilingual School Psychology:

Program Prerequisites:

In addition to having met prerequisites for the M.S. Ed. Program in School Psychology, students enrolled in the Bilingual Specialization Program must have courses or show competencies in principles and problems in education and curriculum development or methods of teaching and instruction and meet the following requirements:
  • Completion of a course in Foundations of Bilingual Education (currently ED 551 or equivalent).
  • Passage of both oral and written proficiency examinations in both English and target language.
  • Prior to enrolling in the Bilingual School Psychology Internship Experiences ( PSY 750A and PSY 751A ) in their second and third years, passage of the Bilingual Education Assessment (BEA) in both English and the target language.

Bilingual Specialization Requirements:

Students must successfully complete all prerequisites and requirements for the M.S. Ed. program in School Psychology but with the following modifications and additions:

Field Work Requirement Modification:

Students must enroll in the following Internship Seminar Sequence that includes a minimum of 1200 clock hours of supervised field work of which a minimum of 600 clock hours must be completed in a school setting which provides opportunity for the delivery of bilingual school psychological services. It is expected that this training experience will devote at least 30% of the time to working with bilingual populations:

PSY 750A - Bilingual School-Clinical Child Psychology Internship Seminar
PSY 750B - Bilingual School-Clinical Child Psychology Internship Seminar

Additional Coursework (9 credits)

SPP 640Communication Language and the Bilingual Child in Class

1 credits

SPP 641Bilingual Speech/Language Development and Disorders

3 credits

PSY 876Multicultural and Gender Intervention Issues

3 credits

PSY 709ACounseling the Culturally Different: Implications for Bilingual Psychological Service Provision

1 credits

PSY 703APractice: Limiting Bias in the Assessment of the Bilingual Child

1 credits

Total Credit Hours:9

Total Credits: 78

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