Management Major, BBA - Hospitality and Tourism Management Concentration (NYC)

The Hospitality and Tourism Management concentration prepares students for management careers in the hospitality and tourism industry. Students acquire skills in the areas of hotel, restaurant, and tourism management; business management; accounting; cost control and analysis; law; human resources; strategy; and e- commerce. They also learn how to analyze and respond as managers to changing laws; union activities; cultural, social, and environmental issues; and domestic and international trends in the hospitality and tourism industry as a whole. Since Hospitality and Tourism Management is a specialized area of study, the requirements for this concentration are more extensive than those for the other management areas.


University Core (53 Credits)

(See University Core Curriculum Requirements for Lubin Students. CIS 101 or TS 105, MAT 104, ECO 105, and MAT 117 are required as part of the University Core.)

Lubin Foundation Requirements in Quantitative Reasoning (6 Credits)

(See Lubin Foundation Requirements in Quantitative Reasoning. Includes ECO 105, ECO 106, MAT 111 and MAT 117. ECO 105 and MAT 117 are applied to University Core AOK- HSN (formerly AOK 5).)

Business Core (29 Credits)

Major Requirements (26-27 Credits)

MGT 250Managerial and Organizational Concepts

3 credits

MGT 355Management Science and Production Management Concepts

3 credits

MGT 490Business Strategy

3 credits

(MGT 250, MGT 355 and MGT 490 (9 credits) are applied to the Business Core.)

Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) Core Concentration (26-27 Credits)

Required Concentration Courses (15 Credits)

LAW 316Legal Environment of Hospitality and Tourism

3 credits

MGT 306Service Management

3 credits

MGT 307Hotel Management

3 credits

MGT 308Travel and Tourism Management

3 credits

MGT 309Restaurant and Foodservices Management

3 credits

MGT 308 satisfies Civic Engagement CE (AOK I) requirement.

Hospitality and Tourism Management Electives (11-12 Credits)

Select FOUR courses from the following:

MGT 310Standards of Safety in Hospitality and Tourism

2 credits

MGT 311Hospitality and Tourism Technology and Design

3 credits

MGT 312Event Management

3 credits

MGT 313Cruise Industry Management

3 credits

MGT 347International Management Field Study

3 credits

MGT 362Human Resources Management

3 credits

MGT 393Hospitality and Tourism Management Internship

3 credits

MGT 495Business Honors Program Senior Thesis in Management

3 credits

Open Electives (13-14 Credits)

Includes UNV 101 (1 credit) for first-year students.

Total Credit Hours: 128

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