Quantitative Business Analysis Major, BBA (NYC)

Bachelor of Business Administration

The Quantitative Business Analysis major (QBA) provides mathematically talented students with cutting-edge, hands-on training in analytical tools and business decision modeling that are in high demand by employers today. The interdisciplinary QBA major consists of courses in data analysis, information technology, quantitative modeling, and mathematics, providing a foundation for analytical careers such as financial engineering, risk management, actuarial science, market research, and management consulting. Students are required to take additional mathematics courses in calculus and statistics which constitute an In-depth sequence in Mathematics which is applied to the University Core. An important part if the QBA major is the career concentration in a business function, such as finance or marketing. This offers students sufficient flexibility to build a minor or a second major.


University Core (54 Credits)

(See University Core Curriculum Requirements for Lubin Students. CIS 101 or TS 105, MAT 104, ECO 105,MAT 117, and MAT 218 or MAT 222 are required as part of the University Core.)

Lubin Foundation Requirements in Quantitative Reasoning (7 Credits)

(See Lubin Foundation Requirements in Quantitative Reasoning. Includes ECO 105, ECO 106, MAT 131 and MAT 117. ECO 105 and MAT 117 are applied to University Core AOK- HSN (formerly AOK 5).)

Mathematics In-Depth Sequence

MAT 131Calculus I

4 credits

MAT 132Calculus II

4 credits

MAT 218Intermediate Statistics

3 credits


MAT 222Applied Multivariable Statistical Methods

3 credits

All above courses are applied to University Core and Lubin Foundation Requirements.

Business Core (29 Credits)

Major Requirements (18 Credits)

MGT 250Managerial and Organizational Concepts

3 credits

MGT 355Management Science and Production Management Concepts

3 credits

MGT 490Business Strategy

3 credits

International Course in Business Discipline

3 credits

MGT 225Business Applications of Data Analysis

3 credits

MGT 353Advanced Data Analysis for Business Decisions

3 credits

MGT 356Simulation Techniques

3 credits

MGT 357Project Management for Business

3 credits

MGT 456Advanced Operations Research Models

3 credits

(MGT 250, MGT 355 and MGT 490 (9 credits) are applied to the Business Core.)

Auxiliary CIT Course (4 Credits)

Select ONE course from the following:

CIT 241Database Management

4 credits

CIT 312Introduction to Programming I

4 credits

Career Concentration (6 Credits)

Open Electives (10 Credits)

Includes UNV 101 (1 credit) for first-year students.

Total Credit Hours: 128

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