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AMS - American Studies

AMS 202 Introduction to American Studies

Satisfies 6 credits of the American Studies major.

Course Description: This team-taught course will serve as an overview of American Studies, a discipline that focuses on the interdisciplinary exploration of American culture, history, and identity. In this course, students will read and write about a variety of texts, focusing on the intersections between disciplines that serve to illuminate ideas about American narratives, dreams, and realities.

Course Rotation: NYC: Fall.

6 credits


ENG 120 Min Grade D or English Placement

AMS 396 Internship in American Studies

Course Description: An internship is an assignment to a business, corporation, public agency, school, or other organization that provides on-the-job and pre-professional experience. Internships may be full-time or part-time and generally last for one semester. Students also participate in a seminar.

Course Rotation: NY: Fall

3 credits

AMS 399 Seminar in American Studies

Course Description: This seminar in American Studies is required for majors, who may complete it in their junior or senior year. Students prepare a thesis, which must be submitted to the American Studies program before graduation.

Course Rotation: NY

3 credits