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BUS - Business

BUS 043 Business Writing

Course Description: Improves overall performance in writing business documents; including reports, memos, letters, and case analyses. Emphasis is on purpose, audience, tone, organization, format, diction, persuasion, and information. Presents models and theories of business communication. Required of all graduate business students who did not pass the business writing proficiency examination. Grading is based on a Pass/Fail basis.

Course Rotation: TBA.

1 credits

BUS 150 Contemporary Business Practice

Required for all Business majors (except Public Accounting majors) and should be taken prior to the completion of 45 credits. New Core: Fulfills 3 credits in Inquiry and Exploration for non-Business majors and Public Accounting majors if taken as part of a Learning Community.

Course Description: This interdisciplinary course will introduce students to the functions of business and their interrelationships. Students will work in teams to run simulated companies. Development of business writing and speaking, presentation and data analysis skills will be emphasized. BUS 150 is required as part of the Business Core for all business majors (with the exception of Public Accounting majors). Transfer students and continuing Pace non-business students who have completed 45 credits or more at the time of their admission or change of major to a Lubin program will be exempt from BUS 150.

Course Rotation: NYC Fall, Spring and Summer; PLV: Fall and Spring

3 credits

BUS 294 Business Internship

Students must fulfill prerequisite and have a minimum GPA of 2.50. Permission of appropriate department chair is required. May be taken as Free Elective only. Interested students should contact the Lubin Office of Undergraduate Academic Advisement on their home campus for more information.

Course Description: Business students with strong academic records may apply to undertake a carefully planned work experience, under the supervision of a faculty advisor that will demonstrate the practical application of their classroom training. Students are required to maintain a log of their internship activities and complete a paper which integrates work assignments with the study of business.

Course Rotation: Fall, Spring, and Summer.

1 credits


BUS 150 Min Grade D