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Biological Psychology Major, BA


Prepares students for graduate school in both research and applied psychology and biology areas and for entry-level employment in such fields.

Note for students interested in taking the MCAT and/or applying to medical school:

Please contact departmental advisor at (914) 773-3791 for necessary special advisement. Such students typically need the following courses: PHY 111 and 112 (General Physics I and II) and MAT 131 (Calculus I). Moreover, some medical schools also require applicants to have taken MAT 132 (Calculus II).

University Core – (44-55)

Includes following major-required Auxiliary courses (18 credits):

PSY 112Introduction to Psychology

4 credits

CHE 111General Chemistry I

4 credits

CHE 112General Chemistry II

4 credits

CHE 223Organic Chemistry I

5 credits

CHE 224Organic Chemistry II

5 credits

MAT 134Introduction to Probability and Statistics

3 credits


Major Courses – (48)

Required Courses: (42 credits)

BIO 101General Biology I

4 credits

BIO 102General Biology II

4 credits

BIO 231Genetics

4 credits

BIO 251Principles of Human Anatomy

4 credits

BIO 334General Physiology

4 credits

PSY 320Abnormal Psychology I

3 credits

PSY 205Statistics in Psychology and Allied Fields

4 credits

PSY 277Evolutionary Psychology

3 credits

PSY 311Biological Psychology

4 credits


BIO 325Neurobiology

3 credits

PSY 380Experimental Psychology I

4 credits

PSY 381Experimental Psychology II

4 credits

Major Electives: (6 Credits)

TWO Psychology courses

Auxiliary Courses

Taken for university core credit (see list) and/or Open Elective credit.

Open Electives – (25-36)

Includes major-specific required courses not taken for University Core credit and any Physics and MAT courses typically recommended for MCAT preparation and medical school applications.

Total Credit Hours: 128

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Pace admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.