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Communication Arts and Journalism Major, BA


Prepares students for careers in print and broadcast journalism, mass communications and public relations.

University Core – (44-55)

Includes 15 credits of required auxiliary courses

Major Courses – (36)

Required Courses (21 credits)

JRN 101Introduction to News Media

3 credits

JRN 102History of Journalism

3 credits

JRN 104News Reporting

3 credits

JRN 203Feature Writing

3 credits

MCA 311Ethics, Morality, and the Media

3 credits

MCA 226Writing for the Electronic Media

3 credits

MCA 393Intern Program I

1 - 9 credits


JRN 490Internship

3 credits

Note that MCA 311 formerly was COM 311

Major Electives (15 Credits)

Any five courses from these two areas:

Print Area:

JRN 201Advanced Reporting

3 credits

JRN 202News Editing

3 credits

JRN 203Feature Writing

3 credits

JRN 207Sports Journalism

3 credits

JRN 296Topics in Journalism

3 credits

Broadcast Area:

JRN 205Radio News Production

3 credits

MCA 252Media Production I

3 credits

MCA 353Media Production II

3 credits

MCA 396Topics in Communications

3 credits

Required Major Auxiliary Courses – (15)

Also required is a concentration of at least 15 credits in another liberal arts discipline taken for University Core and/or Open Elective credits.

Open Electives – (37-48)

Total Credit Hours: 128

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