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Mathematics Major, BS


The BS program in Mathematics is a specialized program that helps prepare students for employment in quantitative or technical fields (such as actuarial science, computer science, finance, operations research, statistics, and science) or for graduate study.

University Core – (44-55)

MAT 131 Calculus I (4 credits) may be used to satisfy Math core requirement; otherwise it must be taken for major credit. Also see Auxiliary Courses below for department-approved arts and science credits that may satisfy University Core.

Required Auxiliary Courses

Mathematics majors with dept. approval may choose a minor from a variety of subject areas (including accounting, actuarial science, biology, chemistry, computer science, economics, management science, physics, and statistics). A hybrid minor is also possible. Note: Auxiliary minors in a Dyson College liberal arts and science discipline satisfy applicable University Core requirements and/or Open Elective credits, but minors in other disciplines (e.g., computer or management science) satisfy only Open Elective credits.

Major Courses – (43-45)

Required Major Courses: (37 Credits)

MAT 131Calculus I

4 credits

MAT 132Calculus II

4 credits

MAT 137Introduction to Discrete Mathematics

4 credits

MAT 234Introduction to Probability and Statistical Analysis

4 credits


MAT An approved course in probability or statistics

4 credits

MAT 236Multivariable Calculus

4 credits

MAT 238Linear Algebra

4 credits

MAT 253Differential Equations

4 credits

MAT 301Algebraic Structures

3 credits

MAT 305Complex Variables

3 credits


MAT 311Real Analysis

3 credits

MAT 400Mathematics: Connections, Communications, Research

3 credits

MAT 490Mathematics Seminar Capstone Experience I

1 credits

MAT 491Mathematics Seminar Capstone Experience II

2 credits

PLV only:  MAT 400

NYC only: MAT 490 and MAT 491

Required Major Electives: (6-8)

TWO approved mathematics courses 200-level or higher.

Open Electives – (25-38)

Total Credit Hours: 128

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