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Physics Major, BS

(NYC and PLV)

Prepares students for graduate school and for entry-level employment in this field.

University Core Curriculum – (44-55)

Includes as many as 28 credits of Required Auxiliary Courses listed below, with three of the Mathematics courses taken as an in-depth sequence.

Required Auxiliary Courses

Taken for University Credit and/or Open Elective Credit

CHE 111General Chemistry I

4 credits

CHE 112General Chemistry II

4 credits

MAT 131Calculus I

4 credits

MAT 132Calculus II

4 credits

MAT 236Multivariable Calculus

4 credits

MAT 238Linear Algebra

4 credits

MAT 253Differential Equations

4 credits

Major Requirements – (44-46

Required Major Courses: (38 credits)

PHY 111General Physics I

4 credits

PHY 112General Physics II

4 credits

PHY 231Electromagnetism I

4 credits

PHY 232Electromagnetism II

3 credits

PHY 235Mechanics

4 credits

PHY 296Topics in Physics

3 credits

PHY 311Optics

4 credits

PHY 335Quantum Mechanics

4 credits

PHY 352Thermal Physics

3 credits

PHY 390Physics Seminar I

1 credits

TWO Approved Advanced Physics Elective: (6-8 credits)

Open Electives - (29-40)

Includes any Required Auxiliary courses not taken for University Core credit

Total Credit Hours: 128

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