The "I-R" Grade and Referrals

A student in any course in the University who is found to be deficient in basic skills in English or, on the New York City campus, oral communication can be referred for remedial work. In such an instance, the student will receive the grade of "Incomplete-Referral" (I-R) with a provisional letter grade. The I-R grade is for those students who have mastered course content to the level of C or better but who have limited writing or oral deficiencies that can be remediated.

Referral at the end of a semester from any course offered by the University may also be made if a student demonstrated inadequate writing skills in prepared assignments or examinations. A referred student must complete the required remediation in the semester following the referral and may not take any other English course at the same time. A student who is referred at the end of the semester will receive a grade of Incomplete-Referral (I-R) for the course from which he or she was referred, with a provisional letter grade; the letter grade becomes official when the student has completed the remedial course.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Course Referrals (New York City Campus Only) - Students normally take each ESL course only once and in sequence, but a student who is unready for the next level, or whose writing skills are judged deficient by a teacher in any course in the university, may be required to repeat ENG 052, ENG 099A, or ENG 100A. In such cases, only the grade received on the second attempt appears on the student’s permanent record. (no additional credit is given for repeating ENG 100A.)

If the student was referred for remediation at the end of a course, he or she receives a grade of Incomplete-Referral (I-R), with a provisional letter grade for that course. When the referred student has successfully completed the remediation, the provisional grade becomes official. Students referred to ENG 052, ENG 099A, or ENG 100A from a 100-level course are normally expected to complete the remediation in the following semester and may not take any other English course at the same time.

Speech Clinic Referrals (New York City Campus) - Students who do not achieve minimum departmental standards in COM 200 or COM 200A may be referred to the Speech and Hearing Center for a speech evaluation. Referred students may be assigned to speech clinic (SPE 050, SPE 052) for individual or group remedial speech services when appropriate. An assigned student must register for speech clinic in the semester following the referral. A grade of incomplete-referral (IR) with a provisional letter grade is given to students in the course from which they were referred. The I-R grade is removed when the student registers for the speech clinic. However, she or he may be required to take more than one semester of the speech clinic.