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IT 608 Web Development II: Java Applets and Java Servlets

Course Description: This course provides a comprehensive introduction to Web development using higher-level languages currently used in industry. Both client side and server side development are discussed. The language currently used in industry is Java for both client side and server side development. Java Applets: Topics include review of Java language, difference between a java applet and Java applications, AWT, components, events, graphics, multimedia, and components in Swing. Students will be writing several practical applets. Java Servlets: Topics include Java servlet API, Java Threads, difference between GET and POST methods, server side processing or client data, session handling, Inter servlet communication, Applet servlet communication and database connectivity and three tier Web applications. Introduction to Java Server Pages (JSP). Students will be writing several practical Java servlets.


3 credits


Pre-requisite for IT 608 ( Course : IT 600 . Minimum Grade of C. )