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IT 640 Introduction to Cloud Computing Technology

Prerequisite: Cloud computing basically means running your applications on infrastructure other than your own. The primary reason why businesses, big and small, adopt cloud computing services is the cost. Legacy machines, equipment, and networking have been a burden for companies to maintain and manage, an of the more difficult problems is to make good on the investment. By going on cloud, businesses the expense involved in maintaining and managing their own datacenters, not only in terms of hardware and software, but also personnel. Using cloud means you have hardware and other resources on demand and they are elastic. This course will cover fundamental topics such as IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, virtualization, and multi-tenancy. Students will learn common cloud platforms, tools and technology with a focus on Google App Engine. They will do hands-on app development locally on their machine using Python programming language and when ready, upload their apps to Google datacenters. Google runs the production server. Knowledge of programming is assumed but Python will be covered from the beginning.


3 credits