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Degree Requirements and Standards: Dyson College of Arts and Sciences

  1. Full-time students must register for a minimum of 12 credits per semester. In order to graduate in four years, students must complete an average of 16 credits per semester. Their first-year program consists of required courses in the core curriculum and in their major field of study.
  2. Part-time students are normally limited to a maximum of nine credits per semester. They must complete ENG 110 and 120 within their first 20 credits and the remaining core foundation courses within their first 64 credits.
  3. Transfer students must complete a minimum of 32 credits and take one half of their major credits and one half of their minor credits at Pace.
  4. It is required that students in Dyson College maintain a 2.0 quality point average (QPA) overall and a 2.0 in their major as a requirement for graduation. Major courses (required and major electives) are listed under Undergraduate Degree Programs. This quality-point requirement does not preclude a higher standard when such is appropriate.
  5. Students wishing to earn both a BS and a BA must complete a minimum of 32 credits beyond the 128 credits required for a single degree.
  6. Students enrolled in BS or BA degree programs in the arts and sciences are permitted to take up to 32 credits in the Lubin School of Business. Students are advised to meet with the chairperson or program adviser of their major department before enrolling in business courses.