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CIT 335 Creating with the Interactive Web

Course Description: This course educates students in using new and emerging interactive media tools, exemplified by the interactive Web. In 1964 Marshal McLuhan introduced the concept "the medium is the message" in his book Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man. This phrase initiated an inquiry into the nature of the interactions of content and media lasting over forty year. In this course students gain experience with how the new web media interacts with content. Theoretically, the course explores human computer interaction, multimedia content management and cognition. Students use interactive technology to create content using blogs, wikis, images, photos, videos, podcasts.

Course Rotation: Spring;NY:PLV


3 credits


CIS 101 Minimum Grade of D or CIT 110 Minimum Grade of D or TS 105 Minimum Grade of D or IS 223 Minimum Grade of D or CS 121 Minimum Grade of D or CS 122 Minimum Grade of D or CIT 312 Minimum Grade of D