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CIT 397K Topic: Technology Entrepreneurship

Course Description: This is an interdisciplinary course designed to provide students with an entrepreneurial mindset in information and computational technologies and algorithms as well as to equip students with the tools appropriate to identifying real business opportunities worthy of pursuit. Technology industries and applications will be emphasized along with computing opportunities. The main concepts covered are creativity and innovation; market analysis; customer-driven identification and development; technology-based business creation, financing, and management; competitive business plans; and niche marketing. Two key components will be a project to develop a business plan for an information technology venture around a specific product, system, or service wherein entrepreneurs will serve as mentors to students and teams, and a business plan competition where other industry experts and entrepreneurs will serve as judges. The course will be supplemented with up to three guests lectures as well as the review and analysis of technology entrepreneur case studies.

Course Rotation: NY and PL: Fall.


4 credits


CIS 101 Min Grade D or CIT 110 Min Grade D or TS 105 Min GradeD or IS 223 Min Grade D or CS 121 Min Grade D or CIT 312 Min Grade D or CS 122 Min Grade D or CIT 241 Min Grade D