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ECO 376 From Wall Street to the Great Wall

Course Description: This course will offer Pace University students a rare first-hand opportunity to learn about the current political, social, and economic dynamics that are impacting Chinese culture and institutions. As a result, the students will be able to better understand the challenges and opportunities that exist in China today, especially those pertaining to its business environment, financial markets and institutions, and economic development. The students will have opportunities to communicate and exchange ideas with Chinese scholars and students in a Chinese University. In addition, the students will visit historical and cultural sites.
The course will be centered in China's vibrant financial center, Shanghai. They will travel to Beijing and visit historical and cultural sites, including the Great Wall and the China Currency Museum. They will learn about the effect of isolationist policies on China's growth and development and the role of government in the development of a common currency. They will also visit Tiananmen Square and learn about the radical changes of the Mao years and the rise of the reformist government of Deng Xiaoping. The students then will return to Shanghai and will explore the investment environment and China's financial markets and institutions. The visit to the Banking Museum and the Shanghai Stock Exchange will help the students to recognize the difference between the U.S. and Chinese financial systems. The students will also learn more about the People's Bank of China and the monetary policy implemented by the central bank during the 2007-2009 global financial crisis.


3 credits


ECO 105 Minimum Grade of D and ECO 106 Minimum Grade of D and ECO 359 Minimum Grade of D or ECO 373 Minimum Grade of D