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NUR 405 Transition into Professional Practice I

Prerequisite: Junior standing and all Nursing courses for year two, three and all sciences. Health clearance required.

Course Description: This course provides a holistic approach to leadership and management in nursing as it applies to the individual, family, and community. The concepts considered will include principles of leadership and management, organizational behavior, care management, nursing informatics, fiscal management, and environmental safety. Supervised clinical experiences will be provided in a variety of settings.

Course Rotation: PLV: Fall.


9 credits


NUR 301A Minimum Grade of C+ and ( NUR 305B Minimum Grade of C+ and NUR 305C Minimum Grade of C+ and NUR 315A Minimum Grade of C+) or ( NUR 305 Minimum Grade of C+ or NUR 315 Minimum Grade of C+) and NUR 317A Minimum Grade of C+