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WS 296V International Activist Politics:Global Feminist and Postcolonial Perspectives

Course Description: Are you interested in human rights and/or feminist advocacy work, particularly regarding global politics or the issues communities are facing around the world? Do you hope to someday work with the United Nations, an international organization, agency, or non-profit, or with transnational advocacy campaigns aimed to improve people's lives in the world? Through a combination of empirical case studies and global, transnational, and post-colonial feminist theories as well as canonical post-colonial theory, we will examine the effectiveness of international and transnational advocacy. We will explore interactions between countries, advocacy networks, activist citizens, and international and local institutions, paying careful attention to gender, race, power relationships, colonialism, and class. Finally, we will assess how to create strategies to engender justice and peace.

Course Rotation: NY: Spring.


3 credits