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WS 296W The Gay Male Experience

Prerequisites: Listed prerequisite or permission of instructor.

Course Description: This course will explore historical and current representations of homosexuality and the communities past and present that gay men lived within and created, as well as their social, cultural, and artistic contributions. Students will learn about the historical roots of LGBTQ communities in the US and elsewhere; theoretical models of sexuality and gender; and contemporary issues in politics and culture as they affect gay men, such as military service and marriage equality. Students will also explore effects of minority status, heterosexism and homophobia on gay men's health, including but not limited to STD/HIV/AIDS and teen suicide.

Course Rotation: NY: Spring.


3 credits


WS 215 Min Grade D or WS 215C Min Grade D or WS 266 Min Grade D or WS 266C Min Grade D or WS 296U Min Grade D or WS 268 Min Grade D or WS 269 Min Grade D or WS 380 Min Grade D or WS 196Q Min Grade D or WS 296S Min Grade D