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WS 305 Philanthropy on a Mission: Women and Change in the Non-Profit Sector

Course Description: Gender is an organizational issue and its affects both how we help women and families in need, and who helps them. Using the perspective of gender equity, the course will explore women’s impact on nonprofit organizations from leadership roles to work on the front lines. We will examine how gender, diversity and leadership are social constructions that can be transformed to maximize women’s contributions to the sector. The course uses a variety of conceptual frameworks which will foster students’ understanding of the factors that influence gender and inclusion in organizations and how these dynamics shape the work of nonprofits. Students will identify and analyze a specific nonprofit that has successfully addressed issues of gender equity internally and externally through its program repertoire. They will also explore several practice areas such as program design and management, planning, fundraising issues and program evaluation for non-profits.

Coure Rotation: NY: Spring.


3 credits