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WS 340 Queer Cinema/Theory

Course Descripition:The word QUEER implies that the vast range of stigmatized sexualities and gender identifications, far from being marginal, are central to the construction of modern subjectivity. One premise of this course is that cinema does not merely "reflect" but actually produces disparate-normative and queer-constructions of sexuality and gender through specific cinematic structures and conventions. The course therefore examines issues important to both queer theory and the study of film, including questions of desire, identification, representation, spectatorship, cultural appropriation, and performativity. A second premise is that identity categories do not function in isolation. Therefore, this course also explores to what extent he project of queer theory engages in dialogue it other politically motivated inquiries, such as the African American rhetorical tradition of Signifyin(g) or post-colonial mimicry.
Course Rotation:NY:PLV;Fall


3 credits