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Accouting, MS

Degree Requirements

(A) Foundation Core

Foundation courses noted below may be waived based on coursework completed at an accredited or internationally-recognized institution according to the following criteria:

• Completion of 2 directly related undergraduate courses of at least 3 credits within 6 years of initial enrollment with at least a ‘B.’

• Completion of one directly related graduate course of 3 or more credits within 6 years of initial enrollment with at least a 'B.'

• Completion of 15 or more undergraduate credits in a discipline specific to the course to be waived with an average of at least a ‘B.’

• Students may also waive courses by passing a proficiency exam.

• Taxation and business law courses can be waived only if prior courses are taken at a U.S. academic institution.

BUS 043Business Writing

1 credits

MBA 640Accounting for Decision Making

4 credits

MBA 644Macroeconomics in the Global Environment

3 credits

MBA 646Data Analysis for Decision Making

3 credits

MBA 648Managerial Finance

3 credits

TAX 503Fundamental Concepts of Taxation

2 credits

TAX 504Sales and Exchanges of Property

2 credits

LAW 610Business Law for CPA Majors

4 credits

Total Credit Hours:0-21
All courses eligible to be waived.

(B) Accouting Specialization Courses

All of these courses must be taken unless waived. Courses noted below can be waived with a U.S. undergraduate accounting degree, or similar graduate courses, or according to the following:

• A computer science or an accounting information system course with at least a B is required to waive ACC 662.

• Two cost/managerial accounting courses with at least a B are required to waive ACC 613.

• Two intermediate financial accounting courses with at least a B are required to waive ACC 615.

• Intermediate Accounting II from an AACSB accredited business school with at least a B is required to waive ACC 618.

• Other waivers are determined by the Accounting Department.

ACC 662Modeling of Accounting Information Systems

3 credits

ACC 613Accounting for Planning and Control

4 credits

ACC 615Financial Reporting I

3 credits

ACC 618Financial Reporting II

3 credits

ACC 620Accounting Entities

3 credits

ACC 632Auditing

3 credits

ACC 635Advanced Auditing Practices

2 credits

ACC 649Contemporary Accounting Issues

3 credits

ACC 692QResearch Project

3 credits

TAX 612Taxation of Entities for Accountants

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:11-30

Courses eligible to be waived: ACC 662, ACC 613, ACC 615, ACC 618, ACC 620, ACC 632.

(C) Accounting Substitutions

Depending on the number of credits waived in the “B” list courses above, additional credits must be taken from the “C” list below so that total Accounting and Taxation course credits in both lists are at least 24 credits (B + C ≥ 24).

ACC 638Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination

3 credits

ACC 645Theory and Analysis of Financial Statements

3 credits

ACC 675International Accounting

3 credits

ACC 681Financial Reporting and Capital Markets

3 credits

ACC 600Independent Study in Graduate Accounting

1 - 9 credits

TAX 625Tax Practice, Procedure and Research

3 credits

FIN 647Advanced Corporate Finance

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:0-19

A minimum of 30 resident credits at Pace is required to receive the MS in Accounting degree (A + B + C ≥ 30).

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