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IS 692 Research Project Seminar

Prerequisite: 24 credits of 600 level Information Systems courses. This course replaces IS 695Q.

Course Description: This course confronts the student with major contemporary debates and key issues of information systems and information technology, and provides a framework within which to develop a research project effort. This seminar discusses current methods used in information systems research, including quantitative, qualitative and conceptual approaches. The student will learn how to define a research issue, how to select an appropriate research method, and how to design a research plan. Each student will select a project area, and search the literature (formal and informal) for relevant material. These materials will be shared with the seminar class, and interactive peer discussion and critiques will assist each student in the development of a project report. Each student will prepare a research paper with a literature review, appropriate bibliography, definition of a research question, a research design and an analysis of expected results. Students will be evaluated and graded based upon class presentations, interim project work and the delivery of a final written project report and oral presentation to the seminar.


3 credits