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IS 694 Managing Information Technology Outsourcing

Course Description: This course explores the important area of Information Technology Outsourcing. Outsourcing is more than the headline grabbing news about jobs lost abroad; it is about corporate strategy to reduce costs by performing common business processes. In the proposed travel course, we will focus on IT outsourcing, particularly on India and examine the strategies, benefits and pitfalls of offshore outsourcing.

This course will investigate how the culture and politics of the receiving countries play a role in the success of the outsourcing business model. Additional topics will cover the effect outsourcing has on the US economy, job market, and politics. The semester comes to an end with a 2-week visit to India. During travel to India, we plan to visit American companies with a presence in India, Indian companies performing outsourced work, and universities which train the workforce.

Course Rotation: NY and PL: Fall and Summer.


3 credits