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Childhood Education Major

Bachelor of Science (PLV & NYC)

The Childhood Education major prepares candidates for certification to teach in grades 1-6. Combined-degree programs prepare candidates for certification to teach additional grades, levels, or subjects depending on the selection of program. Candidates with interests in additional certificates or extensions should contact an adviser in the School of Education for program specifics. Honors program option worksheets are available in School of Education offices. 

Major in childhood education with required concentration in ONE of the following:

Testing-Out of Classes and Waivers

Students may test out of selected courses including ENG 110, TS 105/CIS 101 or a language requirement. Students should discuss these options with their advisers. UNV 101 requirements are waived for all transfer students.

Note: For teaching candidates, University Core second language requirements must be met by two courses in the same language. This requirement may also be met by courses in American Sign Language.