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Double Major/Dual Degree

Students with a strong academic record, generally a 3.00 or higher cumulative GPA, may elect to take a second major with the approval of the department chair of the second major and the dean of the school of the first major. If the two majors have the same degree (BA, BS or BBA), regardless of college/school, then the requirements for both majors need to be fulfilled. Depending upon the two majors selected, students may be able to fulfill the requirements for both majors without exceeding 128 credits.

If the two majors are different degrees (i.e. dual degrees e.g., BBA marketing and BA speech communication), then in addition to fulfilling all course requirements for both majors and degrees, a minimum of 32 credits is required to be completed beyond the requirements for the first degree or a minimum total of at least 160 credits for both degrees.


Many bachelor degree programs allow students to select a minor as part of their academic preparation. Minors are offered in a variety of academic areas. At least one-half of the credits in the minor must be completed at Pace. Interested students should refer to the appropriate college/school sections of this catalog for specific requirements.