Re-computation (Repeated Course) - Undergraduate

If a student repeats a course, only the grade and credits earned the last time the course was taken will be computed in the cumulative GPA. Students wishing to apply for re-computation of their GPA must complete the appropriate form at the Office of Student Assistance. The GPA average will be recomputed only for the semester in which the student repeats the course; the average of the semester in which the course(s) was first taken will not be changed. If a student withdraws from the course during the semester in which it is being repeated, the cumulative GPA will reflect the original grade. Re-computation is not permitted after a degree has been awarded. Students who receive permission to take at another institution a course for which they failed to attain a passing grade at Pace will have the credit earned at the other institution treated as transfer credit at Pace (provided they attain a grade of "C" or better). The course may not be used to recompute the failing grade at Pace.