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Academic Integrity

Students must accept the responsibility to be honest and to respect ethical standards in meeting their academic assignments and requirements. Integrity in the academic life requires that students demonstrate intellectual and academic achievement independent of all assistance except that authorized by the instructor. The use of an outside source in any paper, report or submission for academic credit without the appropriate acknowledgment is plagiarism. It is unethical to present as one’s own work the ideas, words, or representations of another without proper indication of the source. Therefore, it is the student’s responsibility to give credit for any quotation, idea, or data borrowed from an outside source.

Students who fail to meet the responsibility for academic integrity subject themselves to sanctions ranging from a reduction in grade or failure in the assignment or course in which the offense occurred to suspension or dismissal from the University. Individual schools and programs may have more specific procedures for violations of academic integrity. Therefore, students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the academic integrity policies of the University and of individual schools and programs in which they are enrolled. Students penalized for failing to maintain academic integrity who wish to appeal such action must follow the appeal procedure outlined in the Grades Appeal Process section or that of the individual school or program in which they are enrolled if such school or program has a separate appeal procedure in place.