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ART 196D Topic: Visual Studies: Hip Hop in Contemporary Art and Design

Course Description: Hip hop is everywhere, shaping the style and subject matter of today's visual culture, from magazines, clothing and design, to the art world itself, as seen in galleries and museums. But what is it? How can it be defined? A culture is defined by both its roots and by its present use. Many of the elements of the culture can be easily traced back to its home in The Bronx in the early 70's. Its impact on our visual culture is both a reflection of the growing influence of Afro-American aesthestics, as well as the dominance of pop culture. Hip hop elements can be seen in the paintings of Jean Michael Basquiat, through contemporary artists such as Barry McGee, Christian Marclay and Kahinde Wiley. Beneath the obvious stylistic differences between these artists are concepts of hip hop practice which permeate today's visual culture. This impact of hip hop reflects an important shift in the changing values in America.

Course Rotation: TBA.


3 credits