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ART 196L Topic: Art of Social and Political Protest - Learning Community

Course Description: Within the social and political upheaval of the 1960's, 1968 stands out as perhaps the most turbulent and violent year of all. Soaring casualties in Vietnam, the assassinations of King and Kennedy, urban riots against racism and poverty, student strikes and takeovers at universities, even bra-burning protests against Miss America: as Americans lurched from crisis to crisis, it seemed that no institution, no tradition was safe and that the nation itself was coming apart at the seams-in many cases, with live TV coverage. In the tradition of centuries, artists used their art as a vehicle to expose and protest against the social and political conditions of their time. this Learning Community uses 1968 as the focal point for examining the ways in which art, politics, and society can interact and influence one another. Drawing on art works and magazines, film, music, and both fiction and nonfiction readings from the period, students will explore the way in which the arts of 1968 both reflected and supported the social and political activism of the 1960's. Joint field trips and guest lectures are planned.


3 credits


ENG 120L