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ART 238 Painting in Watercolor II

Prerequisite: ART 138 or permission of instructor.

Course Description: ART 238 is a second course in watercolor painting, including materials, techniques, and an overview of the diverse cultural traditions of this vulnerable art medium. This class will consist of in-class painting assignments, group discussion, field trips, slide lectures, and weekly homework assignments emphasizing skill building and creative exploration. Advanced projects will use water-based media including watercolor and gouache. A continuation of ART 138, students in this section will continue to develop their skills and increase their technical knowledge of the medium. Assignments will be more open and self-directed to encourage students to evolve a more personal approach technically, formally and conceptually. An individual midterm critique will be provided to students to help develop strengths and address weaknesses.

Course Rotation: TBA.


3 credits


ART 145 Minimum Grade of D and ART 247 Minimum Grade of D