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ART 283 Live Art - Performance, the Body, and the Camera

Course Description: This course provides an introduction to "Live" or Performance art as it developed in a visual arts tradition. Students discuss the crossover with other performing arts such as theater, dance, and music; examine international and historic performance practices; and explore the influence of new media. Students become acquainted with various issues relevant to performance art including live-ness, audience, performance in everyday life, identity politics, performance for the camera, documentation, folk traditions and ritual, intervention, endurance, public space, relational aesthetics, community activism, and participation. Students develop, perform, and document individual and collaborative woks, and attend performance art events. This course introduces student’s to professional practices through visits to artist’s studios, attendance at gallery exhibitions, and attendance at lectures by professional artist outside of class time.

Course Rotation: NY: Fall, odd years.


3 credits