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ART 297F Topic: Artists Lecture Series

Course Description: ART 297F is a blended online and live class, centered on the Tuesday night Visiting Artist lectures in the Department of Fine Arts. This lecture series features a selection of prominent artists, designers and other art professionals, lecturing in person about their work and career options in the visual arts. Past series have featured architects, painters, public artists, filmmakers, video game designers, museum curators, graphic artists, animators and fabric designers. Students attend five lectures as noted on the course calendar and respond to questions posted on the class Blackboard site following each lecture. In addition to five lectures, students attend one special career panel listing until 8pm. The list of participating artists and fields changes every semester. No prior knowledge of art is required. This course may be repeated for credit for students who are taking it as a 1-credit course. For students who are taking it as a 3-credit course, this course may be taken one time only.


1 - 3 credits