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ART 480 Art History Seminar I

Prerequisite: Permission of Instructor.

Course Description: Advanced-level seminars required for all art history majors. Open to students in other departments with permission of the instructor. May include visits to museums and galleries to see works of art related to the seminar topic. Seminar topics vary from year to year and include lectures and discussions of readings, as well as student presentations of research projects.

Course Rotation: NYC: Fall.

3 credits

ART 481 Art History Seminar II

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor required.

Course Description: Critical analysis of a wide range of approaches and methodologies that have been applied to the history of art. Seminar discussions will focus on a set of readings that are arranged to illuminate the chronological development of writing on art and that cover a broad range of art topics from Roman to Gothic to Modern Abstract Expressionism. The authors studied may be artists, historians, Marxists, Feminists, art historians, and art critics. Required for all art history majors on the New York campus. Enrollment with permission of the instructor only.

Course Rotation: NYC: Spring.

3 credits

ART 482 Honors Research Project

Prerequisite: Permission of the Director of Honors College required.

Course Description: Students may participate in the Pace University Honors Program and complete a major in art history. Under the supervision of a faculty member in art history and with the approval of the Campus Honors Committee, the students may engage in an independent research project during the senior year. To be eligible for the program, the student's cumulative scholastic index must meet these standards of the Honors Program. Students are encouraged to enter the Honors Program by their junior year.

Course Rotation: NYC: Fall and Spring.

3 credits