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BIO 610 Cellular Biochemistry and Advanced Molecular Biology

Course Description: This is an intensive single semester course in Molecular Biology. It is designed to build on the principles of Molecular and Cellular Biology as it applies to neuroscience.

Course Rotation: Spring.

4 credits


BIO 335 Minimum Grade of C and CHE 328 Minimum Grade of C

BIO 699A Independent Research in Biology: Carnivore Ecology

Course Description: Refinement of research statement/proposal: How to use non-invasive techniques to study wildlife in Westchester County, New York

Course Rotation: TBA.

1 credits

BIO 699B Independent Research in Biology: Carnivore Field Methods

Course Description: Collection of Wildlife field data in Westchester County, New York. Analysis of field data. Preparation of publication of research performed.

Course Rotation: TBA.

3 credits