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BUS 150N Contemporary Business Practice - Learning Community

Required for all business majors (except Public Accounting majors) and should be taken prior to the completion of 45 credits. This course may be taken as a free elective by non-business majors.
New Core: Fulfills 3 credits in Inquiry and Exploration for non-business majors and Public Accounting majors.

Learning Community Course Description: Computer skills have become a fundamental necessity for anyone in business. This learning community integrates the teaching of computer skills with the learning of business basics. Students learn principlesof business through a series of computer simulations and learn computer basics by designing spreadsheets and programs to assist with making business decisions for the simulations. Students learn to apply Excel, HTML and Javascript applications to simulations about pricing, production, marketing, investments, distribution, human resources management, global trading, labor relations, and other business topics.


3 credits


CIS 101N