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CHE 300 Introduction to Physical Chemistry

Not open to Chemistry or Biochemistry majors.

Course Description: A one-semester course that covers the basic principles and applications of Physical Chemistry. It is designed for students majoring in sciences other than Chemistry and Biochemistry. It studies the concepts of energy-matter interaction. It starts with the basic thermodynamic relationships that describe the macroscopic aspects of energy exchange in systems with many components and many phases, such as real solutions. The thermodynamics part concludes with its implementation in understanding chemical equilibrium and reaction kinetics. Then the approach enters the microscopic level and the principles of Quantum Mechanics are introduced. The discussion is extended to elements of Molecular Quantum Mechanics and spectroscopy. Though the mathematical rigor of physical chemistry is maintained in this introductory course, emphasis is given to the physical and chemical principles.

Course Rotation: NYC: Fall.


0 - 4 credits


CHE 112 Min Grade D