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CIS 102F Topic: Visual Basic Programming

Course Description: This Class provides an introduction to computer programming logic using the Visual Basic.NET language. This course will give the student a basic understanding of problem-solving skills using a computer programming language. Practical experience with programming concepts will be gained through demonstration and hands-on lab exercise. There are several lessons in Game Programming.

This course is designed for programmers unfamiliar with ALL of the following: (1) Visual Basic, (2) object-oriented programming, and (3) event driven Windows programming. The goal of this course is to immerse you in all three of these technologies, enabling you to build complete GUI-based object-oriented Windows applications in Visual Basic .NET. You will learn application design choices, object-oriented design principles, event-driven programming, UI programming using Windows Forms and user interface controls, data binding and database access using SQL and ADO.NET, exception handling, debugging and defensive programming techniques, and effective ways of working with Visual Studio .NET.


3 credits


CIS 101 Min Grade D