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CIT 110 Introduction to Information Technology

Course Description: This course will provide foundational knowledge for the modern knowledge worker. Innovation within a wide range of disciplines has been sparked by the diffusion of information technology into a variety of settings. Scientific, engineering, and organizational careers depend upon the heavy use of information technology. This course will provide an introduction to systems and development concepts and information technology (IT). It explains the fundamental role of information within organizations and how IT enables improvement in communication, quality, efficiency, effectiveness, and overall competitive advantage of the firm or non-profit organization. For the modern firm, information is of primary significance in stating and attaining organizational goals. Information systems will be introduced as a means to process and communicate information. The dynamic nature of organizations and the necessity for growth and re-design of the organization as well as its information systems will be presented and used as the motivator for understanding information systems development methodologies.

Course Rotation: NY and PL: Fall


3 credits