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CIT 314 Introduction to Programming II

Prerequisite: CIT 312 or CS 121 or IS 223 or permission of department Chairperson.

Course Description: Techniques for developing solutions to business and systems problems using object-oriented techniques and the JAVA programming language. JDK and compilers; Java applet and application basics; JAVA APIs and Java language basics (Data types/declarations, I/O streams, numbers, strings and arrays); object and class basics; class inheritance and abstract data types; constructor, and garbage collection; object overloading/overriding; polymorphism; file I/O; creating GUI using JFC/AWT Swing and event handling; exception handling and thread; Security and JAR are all areas included in this course.

Course Rotation: NY and PL: Fall, Spring, and Summer.


4 credits


CIT 312 Minimum Grade of C or CS 121 Minimum Grade of C or IS 223 Minimum Grade of C or IS 142 Minimum Grade of C