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CRJ 625 Multi-Disciplinary Approaches to Homeland Security

Course Description: If the nation is really engaged in developing strategies to secure the nation, it is necessary to go beyond what the government "can do for you." Students will focus on what are the differences between homeland security and homeland defense as it applies to the interaction of the various disciplines engaged in the effort, such as law enforcement, the medical community, emergency managers, fire departments and the private sectors. While they are not working against each other in a traditional sense, the must recognize the joint roles they play in contributing to the effort within the rule of law, if the country is to be successful in securing the nation. This course outlines the working relationship the law must have with the various disciplines in the homeland security community and why these relationships are vital to the nation’s strategies to deal with all hazards.

Course Rotation: PLV:Fall


3 credits


CRJ 601 Minimum Grade of B