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CS 412 Concepts and Structures in Internet Computing

Course Description:
Integrated hands-on coverage of fundamental concepts and technologies for enterprise and Internet computing. Topics include data storage; XML data specification, parsing and validation; data and language translation; networking and web technology overview; software framework technology for controlling software system complexity; and a roadmap for the enterprise computing technologies.
Course Rotation:NY, PLV; Fall

4 credits


CS 121 Minimum Grade of C

CS 488 Computer Networks and the Internet

Course Description: This course provides a top-down study of modern computer networking and the Internet. Application layer topics include the Web, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, DNS, and socket programming. Transport layer topics include UDP, TCP, and congestion control. Network layer topics include link state routing, distance vector routing, IPv4, RIP, OSPF, BGP, IPv6, multicasting and IGMP, and mobile IP. Local area network topics include Ethernet, IEEE, 802.11, and Bluetooth.

Course Rotation: TBA.

4 credits


CS 241 Minimum Grade of C

CS 490 Independent Study in Computer Science

Prerequisite: Junior standing and a minimum CQPA of 3.50.

Course Description: With the approval of the appropriate faculty member, department chair, and academic dean, students may select a topic for guided research that is not included in the regular course offerings. The student meets regularly with the faculty member to review progress. A research project or paper must also be submitted.

Course Rotation: Fall and Spring.

1 - 9 credits