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CS 632T Topic: From Telemedicine to Telehealth: Opportunities for IT and Collaboration

Course Description:As the use of telemedicine has grown, it is now time to explore broader opportunities for IT and collaboration best practices to impact the broader healthcare and life sciences ecosystem, towards a broader notion of telehealth. This seminar-style course will include lectures from industry guest speakers and cover new business opportunities, supporting technologies which are required to meet those opportunities, and the changes in organizational and regulatory frameworks which will support implementation of these technologies. Sample aspects of the life sciences ecosystem which will be covered include clinical trials of new prescription drugs, global communication of drug efficacy and quality through regulatory systems, and remote management of the medical device manufacturing process. In each of these areas, we will discuss the prospect of telehealth to include more remote participants in the process and have a better impact in patient lives. The course will also include a final project a developing a product plan for technology to address a key telehealth challenge.
Course Rotation:Spring; NY;PLV


3 credits