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CS 636 Optical Communications and Networks

Course Description: This course studies Optical Communications and Networks. The key principles and building blocks of Optical Communications and Networks are studied in detail with the first part of the course focusing on Optical Communications and the second part of the course focusing on Optical Networks.

Topics on Optical Communications include: Light Propagation in Optical Fiber, Loss and Bandwidth, Chromatic Dispersion, Nonlinear Effects, Solitons, Couplers, Isolators and Circulators, Multiplexers and Filters, Optical Amplifiers, Transmitters, Switches, Wavelength Converters, Modulation and Demodulation, and Transmission System Engineering. Topics on Optical Networks include: Client Layers of the Optical Layer (SONET/SDH, ATM, Storage-Area Networks), WDM Network Elements, WDM Network Design, Control and Management, Network Survivability, Access Networks (HFC, FTTC, PON), Photonic Packet Switching and Deployment Considerations.


3 credits


CS 633 Minimum Grade of C