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CS 637 Wireless Communications

Course Description: The course examines the fundamental concepts of wireless transmission and the operation of current wireless systems and networks. Coverage of wireless transmission includes: radio, propagation, basic antenna operation, and signal impairments (interference, attenuation, reflection, fading, and multipath waves), providing a foundation for studying various wireless systems. Spread spectrum, cellular, and multiple-access (FDMA, TDMA, CDMA, and SDMA) methods are also covered, along with privacy and security issues in wireless systems. Examples of wireless systems covered include: cellular telephone and data networks, wireless LANs, and satellite systems. Students will collaborate to research current and emerging systems in wireless communications.


3 credits


Pre-requisite for CS 637 ( Course : CS 507 . Minimum Grade of C. ) and (Course : CS 633 . Minimum Grade of C. )