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CS 654 Security in Computer Networking

Course Description: This course covers the most important issues and topics in the area if network security. A good balance between theory and practice is sought. It covers attacks and threats in computer networks, including network mapping, port scanning, sniffing. DoS, DDoS, reflection attacks, attacks in DNS and leveraging P2P deployments for attacks, operational security, including firewalls and intrusion-detection systems. It also takes a layered approach to network security covering topics that include: Security at the Application Layer: PGP and S/MIME, security at the Transport layer: SSL and TLS. Security at the Network Layer: IPSec. Students will use software tools to participate in an important simulated lab component that includes packet sniffing, network mapping, firewalls, SSL and IPsec.

Course Rotation: NY:WP;Spring


3 credits


CS 634 Minimum Grade of C