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CSD 355 Bilingual Speech-Language Development and Disorders

Prerequisite: CSD 241(formerly SPP 241) or CSD 251 (formerly SPP 251) or permission of Instructor.

Course Description: This course will examine theories of bilingualism and bilingual language development using data with psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, and neurolinguistics. The effect of cultural differences on normal and disordered speech and language functioning, and implications for diagnosis, therapy, and academic functioning will be addressed. Field exercises in bilingual setting will be required.

Course Rotation: NYC: Alternate years Fall and Summer.


3 credits


(CSD 241 Minimum Grade of D or SPE 241 Minimum Grade of D or SPP 241 Minimum Grade of D) or ( CSD 251 Minimum Grade of D or SPE 251 Minimum Grade of D or SPP 251 Minimum Grade of D)