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CSD 671 Audiologic Rehabilitation

Course Description:< /strong> This course will be taught with a combination of traditional lecture, Blackboard (Bb) and learning through active classroom participation in problem solving. In addition, a service-learning component (AOK1) is required. You will be screening the hearing of adolescent female residents in a foster care facility located in the East Village; this will be discussed in more detail in class. As students, it is hoped that you will apply the auditory (re)habilitation process as it relates to the individual’s degree and type of loss and just as importantly, his/her communication needs. Exposure to multicultural views of disabilities will be discussed. There are several readings that address health care systems in urban settings, with disadvantaged populations, and our responsibilities as citizens to our community. These readings will be discussed for their own value as well as how one might apply these values to the profession.

Course Rotation: NY; Spring


4 credits


CSD 270 Minimum Grade of C